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Tamiya RC

Tamiya Radio Control cars are high performance kit cars - you must assemble all parts yourself. If you do not feel capable of assembling these kits, take a look at Tamiya's own Ready to Run XB cars.

Skill required is similar to basic mechanical work - if you can change plugs and brake pads on a real car, you should be able to build a kit. All car kits require a Radio (includes control box, receiver, switch/BEC and servo), Nimh battery and Charger to function, which are included in deals - you will need a craft knife, cross head screwdriver and pliers, plus paint and 8xAA batteries for the controller to complete the model.

Great stuff we have recently added...

  • Carson 707123 Stick Radio 2.4Ghz, with Receiver, Servo, 2100mah 7.2v and Overnight Charger

    This product, developed by Carson (aka Tamiya Germany) is designed from the ground up to suit Tamiya RC car kits. Included in the box is the radio [...]

    Added on: 02/12/2015

    Price £58.50

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  • Change Bargain Bundle Deal from Stick To Wheel Radio

    Selecting this option with a Bargain Bundle package (and only when purchasing one of these) will mean we send an Etronix 1060 Wheel radio in place of [...]

    Added on: 06/12/2016

    Price £5.00

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  • DL00 - Custom Package Deal

    This package is for those not buying a complete car kit at the same time.There is a charge of 1.00 to cover processing on top of the item parts [...]

    Added on: 15/03/2011

    Price £1.00

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