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Fly away - first time and intermediate pilots welcome!

All our planes are sold as complete packages - each includes the flight battery, a charger (sometimes integrated into the handset), the handset and full instructions.

All models are made from EPS Foam (a toughened variant of polystyrene) - this means that, unlike models made from rigid plastic, metal or wood, you can fly the plane in most parks and over farmland without a license, without needing to be a member of a flying club and without, in most cases, separate insurance.

Buying as a gift Some tips:

Planes come in four basic designs - the key to a successful first flight is choosing something suitable for the experience of the pilot:

Type 1: Twin Prop powered models - these have no flaps / rudder / elevator control, the plane flies purely by varying the twin propeller's speed. Faster on one side - it turns. Both faster - it climbs. Both slower - it descends. VERY EASY TO FLY.

Type 2: Single Prop Bi-Plane - such as the Sopwith Pup and Fokker DVII - these are quite slow in the air and very controllable as a result. A great way to learn to fly.

Type 3: Conventional High Wing: This is a plane where the body of the aircraft hangs from the main wing (the wing is on top of the cab effectively). These are faster but still remain stable as the weight hanging from the wing makes them slower to turn.

Type 4: Low Wing: This is a plane such as a Spitfire, a Messerschmitt or a Mustang - or indeed any WWII type fighter plane. On these the weight is above the wing, meaning the plane will very quickly "peel off" and dive away. Very spectacular in the air but much harder to get the hang of and prone to crashing in inexperienced hands.

Type 5: Jet: We don't usually stock these, they are extremely difficult to fly but look good in the hands of a seasoned flyer. For most people though they will very quickly turn into a pile of broken bits!

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