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Acrylic: These are liquid paints that are water soluable when wet but dry hard and waterproof. They are used for painting on the outside of hard plastic and metal items.

Enamel: Like acrylics, but oil based. You need white spirit or thinners to clean brushes. Better if the item will get regularly wet.

Polycarbonate: Special paint for use on clear model body shells, you paint it on the inside and it's flexible.

Great stuff we have recently added...

  • Artesania Latina 27001N Set Of Custom Tools N 1

    Artesania Latina 27001N Set Of Custom Tools N 1Nice set of tools suitable to get you started with any wooden model kit

    Added on: 03/10/2015

    Price £22.49

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  • Humbrol AC5217 Maskol Bottle 28ml (UK Sales Only)

    An easy to use rubber based solution that stops surfaces being painted once applied and can then be simply removed by peeling off.The New & [...]

    Added on: 15/01/2010

    Price £3.99

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  • Humbrol AC5400 Modelcote Satin Coat 28ml (UK Sales Only)

    Modelcote Satin Coat is a solvent based varnish that goes on clear and drys clear, overcoming the yellowing effect that is associated with [...]

    Added on: 15/01/2010

    Price £3.49

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