Time Tunnel Models
Saturday/Sunday delivery now available at checkout - orders needed by 11am Friday.
Paying by card? We use two card processors - Nochex and PPP. If one refuses your card, please go back and try the other.

Was goldstarstockists.net, now timetunnelmodels.com

We've moved!

Since 2000 we have used a variety of domains named goldstarstockists. This used to mean something. Now it just causes confusion and is commonly mistyped.

With this new site, we have now joined all our web addresses into one - we are Time Tunnel Models, so we're just www.timetunnelmodels.com!

It's easier to spell, easier to remember, and better all round as the store runs in "secure" mode at all times - see the padlock in your browser bar.

Existing customers and orders: All orders and customer details have been transferred from our old site. Your same password will work. As before, we keep orders going back approximately one year. If you have forgotten your password, please request a new one. If you are on Hotmail or use a BT email address, you may not get a password reset email - if this happens, just contact us and we will reset it for you manually.

Minor known issues:

Customers with accented names / addresses: If your name or address includes accented characters, please check and correct your details when you log in. For security reasons, our new data server would not allow upload of all accents (they are sometimes used as part of malicious code attacks) and as a result has replaced some of them with a "question" character. If you correct your name and address, it will be updated and saved.

Mobile devices: This site is fully mobile friendly. A few product descriptions have yet to be updated to show cleanly on mobiles but will work. We will update all descriptions as we spot them.

Suggestions: We are taking suggestions as to things that are missing on our new site but were present on the old, or that would make shopping easier. So far we have added a "Continue Shopping" button to the basket, we have added a "Nothing to submit" button to the Pre-Order payment page, we have adjusted the unlisted items form to make it work better for international customers, we have reduced the page load time and as a result been able to get rid of the "spinner" graphic - and we are currently working on some minor display issues on some phones where the product title is long. If you spot anything, just send us a message and we will look at it.
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