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Important: Looking for Tamiya Spare Parts?
We hold a lot of spares but stocks are currently very poor nationwide. Our site shows all spares as Service Supply - they are not necessarily in stock. Very very few are now in stock. Please assume your parts will arrive in the UK on 29th July and be with you in early August. Rather than order and then cancel, why not send us an email? We can then advise. If you do not email first, we will simply back order all unavailable spares and mainly deliver early August (or later if a later date is shown) - stock list from the importers with ESTIMATED availabilty dates can be found here for your reference.

Policy - order types that are likely to be cancelled

Policy Clarification
Please note that orders meeting the following characteristics will ALWAYS be cancelled and refunded:

- Orders with a delivery address of any branch of Mail Boxes Inc or similar mail drop companies, under all circumstances.
- Orders with a UK PO Box as the delivery address.
- Orders for delivery to any mail forwarding company - these includes Parcel Motel, Aramex and AddressPal UNLESS the payment is made by Paypal and the address of the forwarding company (not your ultimate delivery address) is shown on the paypal payment confirmation - i.e. you must ensure the address is added to your Paypal account before making payment.
- BFPO orders weighing in excess of 999 grams.  This is because it is not possible to courier to BFPO addresses on a commercial basis due to BFPO now charging all courier companies the full onward shipping cost to the ultimate destination and this being passed back as a charge to the sender.  We are unable to access over-the-counter post office services for BFPO due to closures of local post offices.
- BFPO orders containing goods featuring any form of battery. This is because BFPO has restrictions on onward forwarding.
- BFPO orders demanding a VAT refund or Zero Rating.  HMRC rules require proof of delivery to BFPO in London and documentation showing the BFPO box number is outside of the EU - unfortunately, BFPO in London fail to sign for over 90% of parcels we have sent, and as such as cannot zero rate any of them and can only refund the VAT on the odd occasion that delivery is confirmed.
- Credit & Debit Card payments where the address is a mismatch to the card registered address AND the card issuer fails to confirm coverage under the 3D scheme.  This is exceedingly rare now.
- Drop shipping orders except where specifically agreed by email in advance.
- Orders made using a commercial paypal account or commercial card registered to a business address but with delivery to a residential address.

The following order types we reserve the right to cancel:

- Orders where the delivery address has experienced previous reported non delivery issues, where the courier or postal service has found no evidence of misdelivery or non delivery.
- Orders from competing companies in the same operational sectors.
- Orders where the product mix is so obviously wrong that we expect the customer to not understand the product being purchased.
- Orders for multiple of the same or similar ready to run RC model where previous contact has not been made.
- Orders for items that have 14+ age ratings where we are made aware that the recepient is below that age.

We reserve the right to cancel any order received for any reason, however it is rare that we cancel an order that does not fit into the above list.


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