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DL00 - Custom Package Deal (DLOO)
Part Number or Barcode: 5060312311176
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DL00 - Custom Package Deal (DLOO)

This package is for those not buying a complete car kit at the same time.

There is a charge of £1.00 to cover processing on top of the item parts selected below. You will still save over purchasing these items separately.


Radio System:
Two basic tyres - Steering Wheel has a small wheel to turn and a finger trigger for the speed.  Twin stick is a traditional radio handset with an up/down stick for speed and a left/right stick for steering.  For standard use, the two lowest price of these designs will be more than adequate. 

ESC: This is the interface between the motor (included in the kit) and the radio system.  You may already have one as this is included with some kits.  For any standard Tamiya kit, either the Tamiya or Mtroniks unit will be fine, the more expensive ESCs are mainly for use if you wish to run high power motors.

CHARGER:  Charge times, relative to the basic 1800 battery, just for reference are:  Overnight charger, approx 8 hours.  Mid Speed, approx 3 hours.  Ansmann AC/DC approx 40 minutes on both mains and cigar lighter socket. Hyper Delta approx 1 hour on mains and approx 30 minutes on the cigar lighter.  Higher capacity batteries will take longer to charge.

BATTERY: The capacity relates to the run time.  In most cars, an 1800 gives around 12 minutes, a 3000 around 15 to 18 mintues, and others proportional to that.  Please note that the following chassis will not take a battery higher capacity than a 3000 as larger packs are marginally longer and will not fit:  Grasshopper, Grasshopper II, Rising Fighter, Hornet, CC-01 4x4 series.

Available Options and Upgrades:




Radio System:

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