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Radio Control Batteries

Nimh batteries replaced traditional Nicad batteries some years ago.  For most purposes they are interchangable and they are ideal for running Tamiya RC cars.

Size: 1800 / 3000 / 2300 etc refers to the capacity in milliamps - i.e. having a bearing on the run time, the higher the longer. Makes no difference to speed.

Chargers: If you have a PEAK charger you can use most of the batteries (check the upper limit of your charger though). If you have the older 30 minute charger, you are limited to the  batteries under 2000 mah. Slow chargers are only really of use up to around 2300 mah too, as they take too long otherwise.

Great stuff we have recently added...

  • Absima 1000Mah AA LR6 Nimh Rechargeable Batteries (Pk of 4)

    Pack of 4 standard AA rechargeable batteries.Ideal for most applications such as toys, RC handsets, radios, torches etc etc.Supplied discharged.

    Added on: 21/01/2014

    Price £4.29

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  • Ansmann 3000 Mah 7.2v Nimh Pack with Tamiya Plug (Part 4050002) (By Carson)

    Ansmann Racer Batteries by Carson Aimed at the club racer and hobby driver needing a better grade of NIMH pack.   All are fitted with st

    Added on: 12/06/2017

    Price £16.99

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  • Ansmann AC/DC Delta 3 Amp Charger and Voltz 3000 Bundle (New Style ACX1) (Battery Deal 1)

    This is a special package - 1 x Delta 3 charger and 1 x Voltz 3000 Nimh 7.2v Stick Pack - for Tamiya Radio Controlled Car

    Added on: 27/07/2007

    Price £43.99

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