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Amazing £99.99 Bargain Deal Bundle: Tamiya 58416 Rising Fighter Buggy (Complete Package)
Part Number or Barcode: 5060312357136
Stock Level: Good Stock. For further info: Click Here.

Amazing £99.99 Bargain Deal Bundle: Tamiya 58416 Rising Fighter Buggy (Complete Package)

It's Back!  With very careful purchasing we are once again able to SMASH THROUGH the £100 price barrier on a Tamiya Radio Control package - if you buy this bundle you get EVERYTHING (excluding AA batteries for the handset) to build and run this car.  You don't even need to paint it, as this car comes ready finished in blue - just put the stickers on!

Included in this package:
- Tamiya 58416 Rising Fighter Car Kit
- Surpass 60 Amp Electronic Speed Controller (Option of Tamiya ESC for extra cost below)
- Xenon ET3 Steerwheel Radio and Receiver (Option of twin stick radio for extra cost below)
- Etronix Standard Steering Servo
- Ansmann Overnight Charger (Option of faster charger for extra cost below)
- 2100Mah Carson Battery

This combination gives you everything you need to build and drive. 

Please note: Due to the tight costings on this package, there isn't an option to upgrade the battery. 

Note on the Surpass ESC included in this package: The Surpass ESC is a high specification unit and will allow faster motors to be fitted.  It is a short lead unit and requires the on/off switch to be fitted inside the car, rather than in the switch position at the base of the chassis (which is a poor location anyway as the switch gets wet and commonly fails there).  You can either position this so that it's accessible through the window OR simply leave it switched on and power the car on and off by simply plugging in the battery - the latter is our suggestion.  The switch is designed to be simply fitted, like the ESC, with a small piece of double sided tape supplied in the kit.  These are very robust and long lasting ESCs in our experience.

Rising Fighter Kit Description Follows

A new off-road buggy aimed at the first time builder and racer, the all terrain 2WD Rising Fighter inherits all its great qualities and excellent performance from its predecessors Hornet, Grasshopper, Fighter Buggy and Mad Fighter, using a similar body to the Mad Fighter.

  • Length: 418mm, Width: 236mm, Height: 187mm, Wheel base: 268mm, Weight: 1000g.
  • Independent swing axles for the front suspension, a rolling rigid rear suspension, and large sized friction dampers effectively absorb shocks and bumps.
  • Bevel type diff gear.
  • Semi monocoque structure acts as the chassis strengthening part (Screws are used to secure the resin body to the bathtub chassis).
  • Fully enclosed gearbox preventing dirt and debris from interfering with operation.
  • Powered by a 540 motor (included).
  • Grooved front tyres and rear spike tires ensure excellent traction for any surface.
  • Stylish resin moulded body.

This model is completely new but made 100% from existing Tamiya parts - meaning good parts availability from the off. The 540 motor coupled with a direct drive gearbox means a good turn of speed for both the beginner and more advanced driver - yet simple construction means ease of assembly and repair. An excellent first time buy with potential for upgrade later on.

Options Explained

Bearing Upgrade: These make the car run more smoothly and are easily installed during assembly. If there is no option for these shown, then the kit already includes the bearing upgrade as standard. These are entirely optional.
Radio System: There is a choice of a TWIN STICK (Traditional) radio or a Steering Wheel (Modern) radio. Both radios operate on 2.4Ghz and use the new Crystal-Free technology, so you can run multiple cars at the same time without any interference. The steering wheel radio is included in the price, a traditional twin stick radio just a few pounds more.

ESC: The ESC connects the radio system to the motor.  We include a Surpass 60 Amp ESC - these are a very robust unit.  You can optionally go for the "factory standard" Tamiya TBLE02S unit for an extra fiver, but it'll make no difference to how the car runs.

Charger: The package includes a basic trickle charger, this is an overnight unit that you would normally plug in to give the car a full charge in around 12 hours.  We have an optional charger which will charge in around 2 to 3 hours.
If you would like more options, would like to choose a package without one of the above components, or wish to purchase the car kit on it's own, please search our site for the CUSTOM option of this kit - easily found by searching for the kit name or number followed by CUSTOM.

Available Options and Upgrades:





Radio System:

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