21st June 2021: STAMPS AND PARCELS - we sometimes use stamps for parcels as it's quicker. It has come to our attention that our stamp supplier had a small amount of counterfeit postage supplied to him in April, which he supplied to us in error. If your parcel has been affected, Royal Mail will send you a silver card demanding £3.50. Please send us a photograph of this card and your parcel showing the surcharge label for an immediate refund of the charge. You will not receive a text or email from RM. Sorry for any inconvenience. This only affects parcels dispatched during the last week of May.

19th June 2021: On Tuesday next week we expect to receive a very large shipment of NEW Tamiya RC kits - the Quadtrak Land Freeder, the Black Grasshopper, the Zahhak (reissue) and the Vauxhall/Opel Calibra, amongst others. There may be a 24 hour delay on new orders placed from Monday afternoon being sent out. This won't affect weekend orders.

29th May 2021: Tamiya Bargain Bundles - search BARGAIN BUNDLE - are at last back!

28th May 2021: Tamiya Spares back orders - around 25% of all back orders arrived last week and have been sent out. The majority of the rest (leaving only around 1 in 10 orders outstanding) will arrive in the UK at the end of next week. This has been a slow and labourious process which we hope is now coming to an end, with the bulk of these having been delayed both in Japan and at sea, having originally been due late February. We have no control over this situation, which has caused huge frustration to all involved.

4th May 2021: We are pleased to announce that after FIVE MONTHS of enforced closure our walk in shop is once again open for visits without a prior order having to be made. We are open from 10am to 4pm, Tuesday to Friday. We will remain closed on Mondays until all remaining restrictions are lifted.

14th April 2021: Just a reminder to our many customers who visit from the north of England - unfortunately Scotland is prohibiting shops reopening until the end of the month. We will therefore not reopen for walk in customers until Tuesday 4th May - the day after the bank holiday.

1st April 2021: Pre-Order policy change. Going forward, all pre-orders for products must be placed either fully pre-paid or by supplying a card number that can be charged on release via our pre-order payment method. This is unlikely to affect most customers as it is exactly how the majority of our pre-orders have always been handled. Existing pre-orders that are neither pre-paid or have card on file, will be contacting in the coming weeks and orders cancelled where we do not receive a reply.

31st March 2021: Popular Tamiya kits arriving tomorrow - a further delivery of Tamiya RC is due tomorrow - Grasshopper, Hornet, Lunch Box, Skyline, Neo Fighter, Porsche and some single kits. RC is still massively oversold at the importers on each delivery, so most of these are unlikely to hang around.

27th March 2021: EU and Republic Of Ireland customers: Now we no longer have to charge VAT for customers in these regions, we have massively cut our delivery charges to just £4.95 per order (with free delivery for the Republic Of Ireland on orders over £80). This is possible as the price on screen includes UK VAT which you do not need to pay and which we can therefore use to reduce the shipping rates.

26th March 2021: Nice selection of special offer Scalextric cars have arrived - search SCALEXTRIC BARGAIN to see them all. Also new in recently - the HPI Blackzon car - this is a great entry level car with a good spec, which will make a very good gift for the first timer wanting a quick car to run outside. On Tamiya, limited stock remain of the Fighter Buggy RX Memorial kit that came out last week to celebrate 25 years since this car was first issued - when current stocks are gone there won't be more until late July.

17th March 2021: A fair sized batch of Tamiya RC kits have arrived, won't last long though. New THUNDERBIRDS models released - use voucher code THUNDERBIRDS at checkout if you are buying 2 or more at the same time.

19th February 2021: TAMIYA RC UPDATE: There are very limited deliveries of Tamiya RC kits into the UK late February and early-mid March. After that, due to both ongoing production problems and (a new problem) a lack of containers in Japan, there will be very little delivered from late March until late April. This will likely result in a total kit sell out over that period - as it stands today for example, the importer - Hobby Company - has well over 90% of the entire range out of stock, whereas normally at this time of year it is easier to count the odd kit they are waiting for! All we can say is - buying a kit? Don't delay. Buying spares? Your extreme patience is appreciated for anything we don't have in stock ourselves.

31st January 2021: New lower prices on Woodland Scenics scatter and ballast bottles.

22nd January 2021: We are adding more pre-orders to the site. Please remember that pre-order means just that - not yet released. If it says pre-order, we have not yet received it, regardless of the date shown - the date is always an estimate issued when the item was first listed. All makers are running behind due to Covid19 affecting their production. When buying pre-orders, you can pay in full immediately by Paypal or Card OR choose Pre-Order Payment, where you are not charged until release.

13th January 2021: Various updates regarding deliveries...

Local Update: Click and Collect has just been banned by Mrs Sturgeon. Local customers unfortunately must order by mail order until this changes.
Mail Order Customers: Services unaffacted, order as normal. Items going by Royal Mail are very slow to some areas though.
International Customers: DPD have suspended parcels to the EU as their systems are not working right. Items that go by post are moving as normal, but any courier parcels will be held until the issue - which appears to us to be a software/programming issue - is resolved.

5th January 2021: We will be listing the new Corgi, Scalextric, Hornby and Airfix products for pre-order over the next few days when time allows. All prices for pre-order will be RRP less 10% on Hornby, Scalextric and Airfix and less approx 15% on Corgi as usual. Please wait to see the items on the site before placing orders, it won't make any difference to hold back a few days.

4th January 2021: During lockdown we are open for mail order as normal. Locals must submit a click and collect order if collection from the shop is required to comply with the regulations.

28th December 2020: We are open Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th December. We will be closed on 31st December and reopen on Monday 4th January. Due to the Tier 4 Scotland Covid Restrictions, our shop at Fenton Barns is only open for collection of click and collect orders placed online (no browsing). Mail order unaffected other than the post still being unbelievably slow.

20th December 2020: Final orders now - orders placed after 10am on Monday 21st December will not be processed until after Christmas! There is plenty of time for deliveries if you order on Sunday 20th December AND select Express delivery (£4.95) at checkout. We will reopen for mail order only, due to the Scotland Lockdown Tier 4 restrictions from Tuesday 29th. Support by email available in the meantime as usual.

11th December 2020: Tamiya, Hornby, Scalextric: VERY large deliveries of Tamiya RC Kits (including Lunch Box, Blackfoot, Grasshopper, Hornet) due Monday & Tuesday - orders will be taken as soon as we have confirmation goods are in transit to us. Hornby sets, Scalextric sets, two PALLETS of sets are due Friday and Monday. Taking orders now as goods booked in for same day turnaround. Loads of time for Christmas on all of this.
Update: Scalextric and Hornby sets arrived. Lunch Box, Sand Scorcher, Hornet and Grasshopper due Tuesday.

6th December 2020: Pre-Orders Update: Due to the Covid19 situation, many of our suppliers are suffering delays both in manufacturing and distribution. We have removed from the site many Pre-Order items from Corgi, Airfix, Hornby and Scalextric which are running late as these items were announced in January and we feel most who wish to pre-order will by now have done so, we have also removed some older Oxford items that are running late, and a number of Tamiya products where we believe we have sold all that are likely to come in the first batch. Existing pre-orders that have been placed are unaffected and will be delivered when we receive stock (which can be up to 2 weeks after the models start to appear on the manufacturer's websites, due to picking times in supplier warehouses and transit delays at this time of year).

29th November 2020: Not hanging about: Deliveries from FTX, HPI, Tamiya, Traxxas and Absima are arriving DAILY with restocks of cars. However they are not hanging around - products are selling out three times faster than any other pre-Christmas period. If we are showing what you want as IN STOCK on the product page, do not delay - someone else is almost definitely looking at it and we may well not be able to get more. NB: Very large FTX delivery that arrived Friday containing Carnage 2.0 and Kanyon (plus others) virtually gone already, no more until days before Christmas close down and that assumes not delayed at sea! Last week's Hornby set delivery - all gone. Several pallets of train sets and Scalextric sets due this coming week, not expected to hang around though. Keep searching the site...

21st November 2020: Black Friday? We operate at our best possible price all year round. Despite it having a long history in the USA, Black Friday in the UK was invented by Amazon to get rid of stock that was not selling. With two national lockdowns, the Hobby trade is bereft of stock. Most of our suppliers have very little to sell, and what they do have delivered is oversold. As a result, none have "great offers" that we can pass onto you this year - in fact some have RAISED their prices in recent weeks.

19th November 2020: We are busy sending out very large numbers of orders daily. Items keep selling out. In the last week we have had in several PALLETS of RC cars, both ready built and kits, which have already gone out of the door to their new owners. We keep getting emails from customers who have been looking at models only to find they have gone from our site - that means someone else has bought them. Finite numbers and very slow deliveries from key suppliers such as Hornby and HPI are exasperating the problem this year - if you see it and it is what you want, best not to wait...

4th November 2020: Lockdown? We are based in Scotland and unaffected by the England lockdown, other than that we are seeing very high order volumes so dispatch has slowed by a day or so. If Scotland goes into lockdown we do not expect to close our operations as mail order has been exempt, we may need to shut the walk in shop - update ^^^up there, big and bold^^^ if anything changes.

17th Oct 2020: Tamiya RC Kits update: We have been advised by the UK Importer (Hobby Company) that many of the more popular Tamiya RC kits such as the Lunch Box and Midnight Pumpkin are going to arrive VERY close to Christmas - no more than a few weeks before at the tail end of November or even the start of December. Other popular kits such as the Monster Beetle, Blackfoot, Frog and Hornet will start to come back in during late October and early November. HOWEVER, and this is the problem, each time kits arrive they sell out very quickly - demand has been such that however many we buy in, they have sold out again the next week, and so have the importers! If you are wanting a particular kit, we recommend looking every evening to see what has come in that day and then buying it as soon as you see it. Stopping to think is unfortunately no longer an option this year on this range...

6th Oct 2020: TAMIYA SPARES UPDATE: Three deliveries of spares due to clear much of the back order, first batch approx 22nd October, 2nd batch approx 3rd November, 3rd batch approx 12th November. Thank you for all for being so patient.

26th Sept 2020: Click and collect now available at checkout. Select any postage option (it'll be ignored, you don't pay postage when you collect - simply pay for the pre-picked goods when you visit) and then choose Click and Collect for payment. We'll pick your order and email you as soon as it's ready for you to collect from our Fenton Barns shop.

5th Sept 2020: New F4U Corsair indoor / park flier RC plane now in stock from Sonik. This is a great sister plane to the popular Mustang P51D that we've had for a little while. Same price - £74.99 ready to fly.

4th Sept 2020: September is restocks month - around 2/3 of all Tamiya spares back orders will be covered by this month's three deliveries, starting later next week. Many other key model kits, stock spares and models from other RC ranges are coming back into stock. We will also be stocking a limited number of Traxxas products from next week - we can obtain the full range, simply ask if you need anything (part numbers needed to confirm prices).

26th August: Following customer requests we will resume taking orders on Tamiya spare parts this week. We have at last had a lot of parts back into stock but please be aware that ongoing supply issues in Japan and the Philippines do mean that you should assume all spares will be about 8 weeks coming and be pleasantly surprised if they arrive earlier. As ever, emailing first so we can check if urgent is the best move.

25th August: FTX Zorro (originally advertised as FTX Torro but changed due to issues involving the legal men) now in stock. Looks fantastic. Nice big truck for the money.

20th August: Loads of new HPI Maverick cars in. Seriously good value, Brushless trucks and buggies for under £170, brushed for quite a bit less.

7th August: There is no delay to supply on Tamiya RC kit cars, all the cars we show are IN STOCK and ready to send out. We have stopped taking new orders on Tamiya spare parts for a VERY short time whilst the importer catches up with excessive back orders on the range. Some people have contacted us in confusion about this - the kits all show "IN STOCK" - the spares have temporarily been removed from display. We have not stopped selling spares, we have just delisted them for a short time.

31st July: Large delivery of Tamiya RC kits on it's way - here Monday morning. We have booked them onto the site and you can order now! Minor price rise to some Hornby items due to Hornby changing their dealer terms (for all dealers) as of 1st August, keeping an extra cut for themselves.

30th July: Spares Update: A small Tamiya spares delivery covering around 120 orders has arrived and been processed. The major spares delivery which covers over 1000 orders and was dated 29th July has been delayed at sea. We realistically expect the parts now around 6th August approx.

22nd July: Spares Update: The majority of back ordered spares are due to be delivered in two batches (simply as there are so many orders) over the next two weeks. Please be patient as we currently have over 1000 customers waiting on Tamiya spares, so it will take us a while to fulfil all outstanding orders.

22nd July: eBay Prices Update: We have had a number of customers ask if we're about to increase prices on our website as prices on our eBay store are all rising as we put items back into stock on there. We are not increasing prices. eBay has massively increased the costs to sell on their site by introducing their own payment system. We are adjusting each item as it's relisted to be approximately the same as our website best price PLUS eBay's huge fee. You will always get the best price on this site rather than eBay.

21st July: Our walk in shop has reopened. Until further notice, we will be open 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday only, we will be closed weekends as previously but also closed Mondays. We will shortly be introducing a CLICK AND COLLECT option as time in store will be strictly limited to 10 minutes per visit to comply with tracing regs. We will not be offering demonstrations or a while you wait repair service.

3rd July: We have extended our older diecast and oddments clearance sale until 1st August.

2nd July: Tamiya shells are currently in high demand and subject to the same pandemic inflicted supply issues as all spares. The following bodies however are IN STOCK HERE RIGHT NOW - albeit only in singles or pairs in most cases:
51289 Subaru Impreza WRC 07 Body £30.70
51336 Porsche 911 Gt3 Cup Body Parts £35.09
51358 MB Unimog 406 Series U900 Body parts £35.09
51364 Subaru Impreza 2008 (Hatchback) Body Set £39.48
51406 Sand Scorcher Body Parts Set £35.09
51467 Mugen Honda Cr-X Body Set M Chassis Size £26.99
51473 Scirocco Gt24 Body 1/10 £28.99
51478 Body Part Set For 84267 Nissan Silvera (M06 Chassis) £36.00
51517 Subaru Brz Body Set (Toyota 86) £29.99
51526 Ferrari 458 Challenge Body Set £31.49
51543 Porsche Carrera Rsr Body £35.09
51575 Subaru BRZ (Toyota 86) R&D Sport Fuji Body Set £34.99
51583 Mazda Mx-5 2015 Body £28.07
51594 NSU TT Jagermeister Body Parts Set (M Chassis Series) £28.07
51607 Land Rover Defender 90 Body Parts £39.48
51611 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab Body Set (for CC01) £42.11
51613 Buggyra Fat Fox Body Set for TT01E Chassis £52.64
51614 Ford Mustang Gt4 Body Set for TT01 / TT02 / TL01 / Similar £33.34
51615 Audi Quattro Rallye A2 Body Set for TT01 / TT02 / TL01 / Similar £37.72
54774 Raikiri GT Body Set (Pre-painted White) for TT01/TT02 £39.48
54775 Raikiri GT Body Set (Pre-painted Gun Metal) for TT01/TT02 £39.48

26th June: Whilst we had planned to reopen our retail shop on Monday 29th, delays in obtaining suitable screening for the till area mean we are not able to open on that date. We will update when the shop is again open Mail order, as ever, is unaffected.

19th June: A number of Tamiya RC kits have arrived back in stock. Numbers are very limited. When they sell, no more until August.

17th June: The Scottish Govt has grudgingly allowed shops to reopen from 29th June but with some conditions. Assuming we can meet these conditions in time, we will reopen our Fenton Barns shop that morning but the following restrictions will apply due to the very limited amount of space inside: (1) Only one person at a time may be in the shop UNLESS accompanying another from the same household. (2) Browsing and time in stock STRICTLY limited to 10 minutes maximum. (3) Any items brought in for repair must be left for us to work on outside of shop hours. The 10 minute rule is to ensure that we are never in the company of anyone for the 15 minute reportable time under the Coronavirus Contact Tracing rules. Please understand this is to ensure that we can operate without restriction on an ongoing basis and we will need to ask anyone who browses for longer to leave. We would continue to suggest local customers purchase from us by mail order where ever possible.

16th June: We are still very busy with orders. Because we are based in Scotland, we are not permitted to open our shop yet. This is the law unfortunately and we have already had to ask some people to leave this week. May we politely ask our locals and all our regulars from the North of England (particularly those who travel often from the Berwick / Alnwick / Morpeth areas) NOT to travel to the store at present as technically you're breaching Scottish law by even crossing the border and there are plenty of police cars going up and down the A1 each day - they must be doing something, and we have seen a number of "N" and "Y" plated cars pulled over by them. It will take a little while to reopen once the Scottish government has decided how far behind England the Scottish economy should be allowed to fall before shops can open as at present the "rules" are the English ones and no doubt they'll want to make some minor changes. We will make it nice and clear when the shop is open - up there ^^^^ somewhere.

3rd June: We will be working on diecast, Hornby and Airfix new releases that have arrived over the last week today, with an aim to get them all posted by the weekend.

1st June: We are now seeing the orders drop from manic to busy, now that more people are heading back to work. We are still advising a slight backlog on new orders but expect that to continue to drop off over the next few days.

23rd May: New in this week - we have available again the popular Ansmann CR2S and SR2S radios, and the CR2S spare receiver. Most paint has now come back into stock, although some colours are still waiting labelling at the importers.

16th May: New in this week - Corally Varioprop radio - a good cheap steerwheel radio - which means our deal packages are all available again (subject to kit stock). Price lowered on new R1223 train set - now a bargain. Loads of paint has arrived, we're working right now on all the back orders. Revell paint, some back in stock after a long gap.

9th May: New in this week - a big restock of Tamiya RC kits - although around a third of the delivery has already sold, and three of the cars have sold out again until the next round. Remember, when we're out of stock it's because the importer has sold out (again) - we stock every car in this range IF we can get it, that is. Also came this week the biggest spares delivery we have ever seen - and every last bit of it went out in the post on Wednesday. A gentle reminder - whilst we do stock more Tamiya spares than any other UK store, and have literally thousands of items in stock even now, if the part you need is (1) fitted to a lot of cars or (2) a body part for a common model or (3) used only on a handful of models in the whole range - then in the case of 1 & 2, it'll already have been ordered by as many as 3 dozen people and be waiting for more, and in the case of 3 - it's not going to come from Japan UNLESS you order and wait - it's just the way they work. On the upside - black Lunch Box shells - strangely we have loads left over, chromework and windows though - end of the month.

4th May: New things arrive, new things sell out an hour later. If you have put things in your basket to "think about" do not be surprised if when you come back to it you have the dreaded Out Of Stock message showing. We are working to keep up with demand but most of our suppliers are out of almost every key line having planned for a normal quiet spring and not 6 solid weeks of December doubled! We have had new items in this week, check out the What's New section (left on PC, below on Mobile) as by the time I mention them here they have probably gone....! Very large Tamiya spares back order due Tuesday, another one due either Thursday or next Mon/Tues. However most NEW spares orders will not be fulfilled until the end of the month - every popular item is oversold at the importers and waiting for the next delivery (or even the one after that).

25th April: We have a new train set - Freight Master - from Hornby and other suppliers are starting to send in odd new items too. The Tamiya spares problem remains, although a lot of back orders will be cleared over the next 10 days as the importer has two full containers due. These should also contain many of the popular cars that have sold out.

17th April: Tamiya Terra Scorcher Due Monday - order now for first batch. Tamiya Spares - URGENT - almost all spares are being back ordered for May delivery. We have had this on the top bar of the site for almost a month. If you need it urgently, ask us BEFORE you pay. Your order will almost DEFINITELY end up partially or fully back ordered, despite our very large stocks of spares as there are currently over 10000 different spare parts in the range and Tamiya are now only able to send by sea due to the pandemic grounding most flights!

9th April - Happy Easter: Orders placed from now onwards will be processed after Easter. Please allow 2 working days for dispatch of all orders, regardless of delivery option - which only affects the speed of delivery, and doesn't queue jump on dispatch. We are having to do this to be fair to all customers. Tamiya Spares: The Tamiya spares back order has started to arrive. We managed to post out all the orders covered by this delivery - almost 200 orders. There are unfortunately a similar number of orders waiting for deliveries later in April and early in May though.

7th April - Easter Delivery and Shipping Update: Orders placed from today possibly may not be delivered before Easter - we can make no guarantees as we have considerable backlogs of orders, backlogs of stock coming in and for smaller items that go in the post, Royal Mail are also taking up to a week to even sort some mail, particularly "economy" or 2nd class mail. We continue to take orders and dispatch in order of receipt. TELEPHONE: We have had to take the decision to close our telephone lines until this extreme trading period starts to subside - with only two staff on, it is simply not possible to answer the telephone and get all the orders packed and out the door. TAMIYA SPARE PARTS BACKLOG: This should START to clear this week - we have over £2000 of back ordered spares due in Thursday, but this does not cover all orders - many are on a later delivery late April and more in early May. The importer, Hobby Co, apologise for this problem that has been caused by a number of outside factors. DIECAST RELEASES: We are doing Diecast Release Picks once every two weeks for everything that has been released and delivered to us in the proceeding two weeks. This is slower than usual again due to staffing levels.

23rd March: Boris has spoken. He has said you can travel to work if you cannot work from home - we cannot pack boxes of RC cars from home. He has said all shops must close - we have shut the shop. Mail order will continue as normal.

6th March: Round up of recent arrivals: A number of locos from Hornby have arrived on special offer during February, these are mixed in our Steam and Diesel loco sections but have the word BARGAIN at the end of the title. Humbrol have released their new versions of the Weathering Powder range to create an authentic dirty or rusty look on your efforts. Element have released the Trailwalker truck which is a sister to the Enduro truck we had all of last year, but with a 1970s style body. FTX have released a number of new mid-sized crawlers in their Outback series, and Absima have at last brought their brushed version of their monster truck into the UK - and at £116.50 it is fantastic value. We have managed to source the WOLF edition of Tamiya 56329 Man TGX, this is not supposed to be in the UK - nor is Carson's VW Scirocco RTR Brushless - a very capable model. Bachmann have their 2020 catalogue and Plux22 decoder out, plus the usual new releases that come each month. Tamiya have released a number of new models and have brought back (temporarily) some older models at bargain prices.

5th February: Bachmann has issued it's 2020 price lists. Nothing major changes.

1st February: EU Customers: The UK has now left the EU, but until 31/12/20 we are in a "transition" arrangement where absolutely nothing changes. As a result, UNFORTUNATELY we are not yet able to reduce EU order prices to allow for you not paying UK VAT, as had been hoped would be possible had the UK left fully on 31st January. We expect this to now become possible as of 1st January 2021.

28th January: Now taking pre-orders on Bachmann's Thomas The Tank range - at last replacing Hornby's range. Also in: Some clearance Scalextric cars, two new FTX Outback Mini cars.

25th January: We are working on rearranging our sections to make the site easier to navigate. You may find your favourite sections move or get combined in the next couple of weeks whilst we sort this out.

25th January: New Oxford Diecast models for the latter part of 2020 have been announced, these are all now online in our Oxford section (select Diecast, then Oxford).

24th January: Reminder - change to pre-order policy. On all pre-orders from 1st January 2020, we now require either a card on file to charge on release OR pre-payment, before the items are ordered for you from the manufacturer. If we do not have these, the order will be stalled until we speak to you. This is due to a small number of speculative collectors who are both failing to provide payment details at time of ordering and then failing to pay for their models at time of release. This new policy should have no effect on our genuine collector customers - some of whom we have been serving for over 20 years. The policy will be applied to all existing orders from 1st March, so we will be in contact with anyone who has ordered in 2019 or earlier, yet has not provided a method to pay when we near that date.

10th January: The full 2020 Hornby, Corgi, Scalextric and Airfix ranges can now be pre-ordered. We are also taking pre-orders on the Limited Edition Hornby items - note that our website will not let you buy more of the limited items than we have left to sell (they are already going fast) and that any unlisted ones are ALREADY sold out.

8th January: Mtroniks Sport Tune ESC & Carson 707131 Radio issues: The issue that has been affecting customers with this combination is due to a spec change Carson made to the radio on a batch that arrived in the UK in November. Mtroniks have updated their on board software to allow for this alteration for future batches. Any customer still experiencing issues, please contact us for an exchange ESC.

4th January 2020: Late 2019 diecast, Airfix and Hornby releases. Models that arrived with us from Thursday 19th December onwards are now booked in and are being prepared for pre-order customers, they will go in the post this coming week.

3rd January 2020: Tamiya price changes: We have now updated most Tamiya products to fit the new pricing for 2020. Please Tap or Click Here for information. We have kept rises to a minimum. No changes have yet occurred to non Tamiya branded products from the same supplier (Carson, Ansmann, Carrera and so on) as we understand those ranges will not be revised until after the Nurenburg trade shows early in February.

28th December: We are aware that a small number of customers who have ordered a car package with the Mtroniks Auto Sport ESC and a Carson radio are having issues, which appears to be due to the software on the latest batch of the Mtroniks unit. If you are having this problem, please contact us for a freepost address where we can exchange the ESC for a Tamiya unit as a "get you going" measure whilst we wait for Mtroniks to comment (they appear shut until new year). Update 3rd January: Mtroniks are now investigating Update 7th January: Issue is with the way the radios now work, next batch of ESCs will work again, all customers to contact us for exchange if experiencing issues.

8th December: No time for an update - too busy packing boxes! If you have any questions pre-sale or post-sale, please email rather than phone for a fast response.

29th November "Black Friday": To see our "Black Friday" deals, click the link on the top or left of any page. Fresh stock arriving daily for most regular items. Getting low on Hornby sets and Scalextric sets now - hurry, they'll all be gone long before Christmas. New Carnage 2.0 in from FTX!

20th November: LET'S GET CHRISTMAS DONE! Huge deliveries: Hornby BARGAIN locos. Hornby Eurostar, Industrial Freight and Family Fun sets. Tamiya Tamiya Tamiya (we are receiving 10+ boxes of Tamiya EVERY DAY). HPI MAVERICK - the RC cars with the metal reinforcements - ARE BACK! Click on the header saying WHAT'S NEW (On the left on PCs, and below on Mobile) to see everything that has arrived recently in date order!

1st November: Very large deliveries are coming every day at present - we have had in most ranges we will be stocking for Christmas, and the stocks are high. However, many of our suppliers got caught short with the Government's Brexit indecision and have either delayed shipments until late November OR had everything in during early October and don't expect more - so this year it really is important to buy early if there is something very specific you need. Click on the header saying WHAT'S NEW (On the left on PCs, and below on Mobile) to see everything that has arrived recently in date order!

6th October: Mammoth volumes of new stock, restocks and Christmas-only products have arrived in the last 2 weeks - we have now got them all listed. We have a wide range of Greenlight TV and Film models, good value, good detail in 1:43 scale (or Matchbox size 1:64 too). Lots of specials from Bachmann, Graham Farish and Revell have come in. Special offers from Hornby (unusual now, but there are locos and wagons going cheap). Plus a selection of RC items that always keep arriving. Click on the header saying WHAT'S NEW (On the left on PCs, and below on Mobile) to see everything that has arrived recently in date order!

16th September: It has been a very busy month with new releases and deliveries, which looks set to continue. We are now stockists of Carisma Scale RC Models - their Range Rover is quite amazing for example. New kits galore seem to be arriving from Tamiya very regularly, lots of new DISCOUNTED Hornby locos, wagons and coaches arrived last week and many many more items. Click on the header saying WHAT'S NEW (On the left on PCs, and below on Mobile) to see everythign that has arrived recently in date order!

20th August: Tamiya's big news: No more XB Pre-Built Cars - what we have is all we'll have this year. They won't last until Christmas! New in are limited edition cars: Black Monster Beetle and Pre-Painted VW Van on the M06 road chassis, plus the new "Wheelie" Beetle and the classic Audi A4 on the TT-01E chassis. Something for everyone?

10th August: Look at this! GT Power Truck Light / Sound Vibration System - this is a varient of the popular Tamiya Multi Function unit but suitable for more "generic" trucks (and fits Tamiya trucks too). It is the full sound, light and vibration system but at a much LOWER price!

2nd August 2019: Recent arrivals and announcements you may be interested in include the reissue of Tamiya's 53100 Carson Chassis for the Top Force (Manta Ray), Hornby's re-release of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Train Set, a selection of bargain priced Emhar, Takom and Roden kits, lots of film and tv themed cars from Greenlight and various new RC cars, Micro Scalextric sets and spare parts.

16th July 2019: Revell have released their excellent Magic Mover flying ball game toy. Also in their new Police boat, about £30 and fully rechargeable. Other highlights just in - new Scalextric Batman vs Superman set, the latest Hornby Santa's Express set (cheaper than last year), the Paddington Bear train set and two new Land Rover Outback Mini RC crawlers, which look very good indeed.

10th July 2019: New sound units from Gaugemaster, new DCC Concepts ZEN BLACK decoders, two new Airfix Quickbuild VWs and the huge new Airfix Grumman Hellcat have all arrived today.

28th June 2019: Lots of model kit restocks, NEX 1:18 models and 1:18 Ford Capris from MCG. Absima's new AB3.4 Truggy kit - still great value for the spec - is now in. Gaugemaster's latest sound module too. And Hornby have at last released a replacement for the lousy R8250 controller.

21st June 2019: Recently arrived - new powerful chargers from GT Power, STAR WARS collector drones - just £54 (was RRP £199!). Pre-order now on the Lunch Box Mini!

14th June 2019: Hobbyport Volcano - full size 1:10 monster truck, with battery and charger, using standard electrics and only £94.99! Also in, Team Slot Ford Escort RS2000 - road going and Ari Vatanen editions.