20th Sept 2021: As of today, HPI have implemented an across the board price increase by changing their trade terms. We will hold existing prices until 1st October after which we will review the entire range. There will inevitably be small price increases on some lines.

14th Sept 2021: Tamiya Thunder Dragon - due very soon. We are pleased to say we will receive enough to cover all pre-orders placed to date AND will have spare. The spare ones are now live on the site to be ordered. There will not be a second batch for some time, so do not delay if you want one of these futuristic looking kits.

7th Sept 2021: New Brushless FTX Zorro - this means there are now FIVE brushless high performance cars from FTX, all of which come ready built, with a LIPO battery and a balance charger - just charge up and drive FAST! Suitable for ages 14+.

29th August 2021: Price check weekend! We have spent some time checking and adjusting prices to ensure you always get a good deal on your next RTR or Kit RC model. We have also decided to hold our pre-price rise prices on Traxxas - the latest huge price rise on Traxxas puts it so far out of contention with their competitors that we are not going there, buy now at the old prices whilst stocks last!

25th August 2021: Very large TAMIYA RC KIT delivery just in - long awaited restocks such as the Ford Escort Mk2, Black Lunch Box, Grasshopper II, Pre-painted Unimog, Subaru Brat and many many more.

29th July 2021: Hornby/Corgi Pre-Orders Update: We will not be taking any further Corgi/Hornby/Scalextric/Airfix pre-orders this year. Existing orders will be supplied on release. Hornby have stated that models released in August will be at the old prices, products that release from September onwards will be subject to a price rise of around 10% across the board. Where possible we will hold the existing prices for pre-orders, although this may not be possible on some ranges.

9th July 2021: HORNBY GROUP PRE-ORDERS: We have paused all further pre-orders on Hornby, Scalextric, Corgi and Airfix models. Existing orders not affected. Hornby have announced that they will impose a substantial price increase on top of price increases this January, on almost all products on 1st August. We need to assess whether this will affect existing pre-orders before more are placed as we cannot now guarantee prices shown on this site. It is unfortunate Hornby have taken this position given they know the majority of dealers take firm orders for products based on their advertised prices.

29th June 2021: SPARES! Tamiya Spares stock is improving daily. We now have normal levels of tyres and chassis back in stock and many £1000s of other spares. There are still gaps but it's improving. SALE! HPI Jumpshot (Standard and Flux/Brushless) and Absima Ready To Run reduced 10% until Friday 9th July. This is a genuine sale as we are simply overstocked and they will return to their normal prices afterwards.

23rd June 2021: NEW ESC! All Tamiya kits are now offered with the new TBLE04S ESC - if you would prefer the older TBLE02S just let us know during checkout. New in from Tamiya: Landfreeder Quadtrack, Opel/Vauxhall Calibra, Comical Hotshot, Black Grasshopper II - limited stocks left on all now pre-orders have been done.

21st June 2021: STAMPS AND PARCELS - we sometimes use stamps for parcels as it's quicker. It has come to our attention that our stamp supplier had a small amount of counterfeit postage supplied to him in April, which he supplied to us in error. If your parcel has been affected, Royal Mail will send you a silver card demanding £3.50. Please send us a photograph of this card and your parcel showing the surcharge label for an immediate refund of the charge. You will not receive a text or email from RM. Sorry for any inconvenience. This only affects parcels dispatched during the last week of May.

19th June 2021: On Tuesday next week we expect to receive a very large shipment of NEW Tamiya RC kits - the Quadtrak Land Freeder, the Black Grasshopper, the Zahhak (reissue) and the Vauxhall/Opel Calibra, amongst others. There may be a 24 hour delay on new orders placed from Monday afternoon being sent out. This won't affect weekend orders.

29th May 2021: Tamiya Bargain Bundles - search BARGAIN BUNDLE - are at last back!

28th May 2021: Tamiya Spares back orders - around 25% of all back orders arrived last week and have been sent out. The majority of the rest (leaving only around 1 in 10 orders outstanding) will arrive in the UK at the end of next week. This has been a slow and labourious process which we hope is now coming to an end, with the bulk of these having been delayed both in Japan and at sea, having originally been due late February. We have no control over this situation, which has caused huge frustration to all involved.

4th May 2021: We are pleased to announce that after FIVE MONTHS of enforced closure our walk in shop is once again open for visits without a prior order having to be made. We are open from 10am to 4pm, Tuesday to Friday. We will remain closed on Mondays until all remaining restrictions are lifted.

14th April 2021: Just a reminder to our many customers who visit from the north of England - unfortunately Scotland is prohibiting shops reopening until the end of the month. We will therefore not reopen for walk in customers until Tuesday 4th May - the day after the bank holiday.

1st April 2021: Pre-Order policy change. Going forward, all pre-orders for products must be placed either fully pre-paid or by supplying a card number that can be charged on release via our pre-order payment method. This is unlikely to affect most customers as it is exactly how the majority of our pre-orders have always been handled. Existing pre-orders that are neither pre-paid or have card on file, will be contacting in the coming weeks and orders cancelled where we do not receive a reply.

31st March 2021: Popular Tamiya kits arriving tomorrow - a further delivery of Tamiya RC is due tomorrow - Grasshopper, Hornet, Lunch Box, Skyline, Neo Fighter, Porsche and some single kits. RC is still massively oversold at the importers on each delivery, so most of these are unlikely to hang around.

27th March 2021: EU and Republic Of Ireland customers: Now we no longer have to charge VAT for customers in these regions, we have massively cut our delivery charges to just £4.95 per order (with free delivery for the Republic Of Ireland on orders over £80). This is possible as the price on screen includes UK VAT which you do not need to pay and which we can therefore use to reduce the shipping rates.

26th March 2021: Nice selection of special offer Scalextric cars have arrived - search SCALEXTRIC BARGAIN to see them all. Also new in recently - the HPI Blackzon car - this is a great entry level car with a good spec, which will make a very good gift for the first timer wanting a quick car to run outside. On Tamiya, limited stock remain of the Fighter Buggy RX Memorial kit that came out last week to celebrate 25 years since this car was first issued - when current stocks are gone there won't be more until late July.

17th March 2021: A fair sized batch of Tamiya RC kits have arrived, won't last long though. New THUNDERBIRDS models released - use voucher code THUNDERBIRDS at checkout if you are buying 2 or more at the same time.

19th February 2021: TAMIYA RC UPDATE: There are very limited deliveries of Tamiya RC kits into the UK late February and early-mid March. After that, due to both ongoing production problems and (a new problem) a lack of containers in Japan, there will be very little delivered from late March until late April. This will likely result in a total kit sell out over that period - as it stands today for example, the importer - Hobby Company - has well over 90% of the entire range out of stock, whereas normally at this time of year it is easier to count the odd kit they are waiting for! All we can say is - buying a kit? Don't delay. Buying spares? Your extreme patience is appreciated for anything we don't have in stock ourselves.

31st January 2021: New lower prices on Woodland Scenics scatter and ballast bottles.

22nd January 2021: We are adding more pre-orders to the site. Please remember that pre-order means just that - not yet released. If it says pre-order, we have not yet received it, regardless of the date shown - the date is always an estimate issued when the item was first listed. All makers are running behind due to Covid19 affecting their production. When buying pre-orders, you can pay in full immediately by Paypal or Card OR choose Pre-Order Payment, where you are not charged until release.

13th January 2021: Various updates regarding deliveries...

Local Update: Click and Collect has just been banned by Mrs Sturgeon. Local customers unfortunately must order by mail order until this changes.
Mail Order Customers: Services unaffacted, order as normal. Items going by Royal Mail are very slow to some areas though.
International Customers: DPD have suspended parcels to the EU as their systems are not working right. Items that go by post are moving as normal, but any courier parcels will be held until the issue - which appears to us to be a software/programming issue - is resolved.

5th January 2021: We will be listing the new Corgi, Scalextric, Hornby and Airfix products for pre-order over the next few days when time allows. All prices for pre-order will be RRP less 10% on Hornby, Scalextric and Airfix and less approx 15% on Corgi as usual. Please wait to see the items on the site before placing orders, it won't make any difference to hold back a few days.

4th January 2021: During lockdown we are open for mail order as normal. Locals must submit a click and collect order if collection from the shop is required to comply with the regulations.